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Our advisor not available and not reliable

by Constance Tapar on Jan 4, 2022
1 out of 5 stars

We want to let you know if you encounter an advisor named Ender D. not to deal with him or do not close any transaction with this man. We've been turned away and do not call us back regarding the policy of my husband... We tried for so many months to call us back concerning the policy unfortunately this advisor has never ever tried to call us back since 2019! We even went to his home office at Etobicoke and leave a message to a neighbor... She claimed she is a neighbor.... But we received no call back from this irresponsible advisor. We would like to reach Sun Life to ask this advisor to attend to all his clients' needs and be responsible to call back his clients. And all the clients in the future do not ever transact to this advisor and surely what he did to us will do the same what we experience... frustration and stress.

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Terrible customer service, unclear terms and conditions, multiple loopholes

by Insuredincanada on Apr 5, 2024
1.5 out of 5 stars

I can't explain how painful it is having switched to Sun Life from my previous provider. Their submission process and customer service is abysmal. They have an excuse or loophole for pretty much anything.

I would stay away unless you plan to never have any issues or a need for support.

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