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Sun Life
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Poorest customer service

by Cust on Apr 27, 2024
1 out of 5 stars

Poorest customer services. And they virtually don't care about customers. I tried to talk with their advisors for a couple of times, but they ignored to have conversation. Not only that, their offering is most expensive among the market in Canada. Furthermore, their advisors will never share any key details. After trying to reach more than 10 times when finally I got to reach them 11th time and when I asked them to share the investment options over email, they never shared it. And don't seem to be interested in sharing it. So as an individual if you genuinely care about your savings, investment, insurance I think Sun life is the one to go for. Because they are only interested to have your money and that is what their team of advisors do. They won't be interested in having a further conversation if you're indecisive during the conversation.

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They’re bullies and will harass you if you try to make a claim

by Kushaldeep Thind on Apr 23, 2024
1 out of 5 stars

Sunlife is the WORST insurance possible. My mom has cancer and is on disability I’m not kidding when I say they will harass and bully you over and over again for the same doctor note (we already gave them like 4, but they want one monthly) like SHE HAS CANCER, but they want to try and save money so they will bully you. They don’t care if you’re sick, it’s literally just about them making money. As a company owner, please don’t get this insurance for your employees.

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by Happy Chappie on Apr 23, 2024
5 out of 5 stars

We've already got policies with sun life.
So we increased our coverage today.
Rep was polite, straight forward to talk to & we're now sorted.

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Arbitrary maximums

by DisgustedWithSunlife on Apr 17, 2024
1 out of 5 stars

For drugs that your doctor prescribes you, there is an arbitrary formula for "maximum dispensary fees" as well as "cusotmary fee for this medication". Which, while I have 100% drug coverage, results in less than 20% reimbursed, leaving me over $100 out of pocket.

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Drug Benefit

by Chris Nickel on Apr 16, 2024
2 out of 5 stars

The Pharmacy I attend raised their dispensing fees back in January by 1 dollar.
My Group Benefits with Sun Life state 100% coverage without any noted limitations like "up to and including".
Sun Life will not recognize the dollar increase and are forcing me to pay. I know, it's only one dollar, but that's not the point to us it? Next year it might be two, etc.
Currently, in short term disability due to surgery. Lost wages claim felt like a lot of delay, with numerous "we need more information from your doctor" and "we need some clarification from your doctor". Not outside the realm of possibility, just having multiple responses of this kind makes me think, either my doctor is a fool or Sun Life dragged its heals.
When I return to work, I am putting serious thought into leaving group benefits and going back to our previous group benefits provider in a private basis. Already acquired quotes and they look favorable.

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Terrible customer service, unclear terms and conditions, multiple loopholes

by Insuredincanada on Apr 5, 2024
1.5 out of 5 stars

I can't explain how painful it is having switched to Sun Life from my previous provider. Their submission process and customer service is abysmal. They have an excuse or loophole for pretty much anything.

I would stay away unless you plan to never have any issues or a need for support.

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Awful customer service for term life insurance

by Derrek on Mar 31, 2024
1.5 out of 5 stars

SunLife Canada's customer service was painfully slow, made no use of the Internet for communications and was frustratingly bureaucratic and impersonal.

To begin with, when I applied for term life, they started withdrawing a premium before the policy was even approved and before the date I requested to start the coverage. Whenever they notified me about my application, they sent it by Canada Post (regular mail) which always took a week or more to arrive and more than once they gave me incorrect information when I called their customer service line. I couldn't even look up the status of my policy online.

An abysmal experience for me. It just wasted my time and money, so I cancelled the policy. Then, after I cancelled it by registered mail with plenty of advance notice, they still withdrew a premium for the next month and literally took a month to refund it to me -- via a cheque in the mail, of course.

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If I could rate them lower than 1 on customer service, I would

by Annoyed on Mar 28, 2024
1.5 out of 5 stars

I had an issue with my plan. Each time I'd call I'd be put on hold for 20 minutes, then transferred to someone else for another 20 minutes, at which point the call would go to voicemail. I did have someone call me back, only to tell me they weren't the right department and give me a "different" number to call... it was the same number. I got through to someone who was again no help, and he literally told me the calls (one of which I'd just finished 15 minutes earlier) didn't happen. Despite me having my phone with me and being able to check that yes, I had called multiple times and gotten a call back. He proceeded to insist if it wasn't in his system it didn't happen. So apparently my phone (not to mention my own memory of the hours I spent on hold) did not happen... it's still not fixed. He didn't fix it. I'm just going to *hopefully* start uploading all bills online. If it wasn't a group plan I'd fully demand to switch providers at this point because the people at Sunlife are truely something else. I've never had customer service not only be disinterested in issues before, but then actively deny they happened... are people at Sunlife trained to be as bad at their jobs as possible? If you have a choice, choose something else.

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Horrible customer service

by CanadianGipsy on Feb 24, 2024
1 out of 5 stars

This has got to be the worst insurance I have ever dealt with. Customer service is only responding if you are the owner of the company. As an employee you only pay.

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