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Long Term Disability

by Justice4disabled on Nov 8, 2017
1 out of 5 stars

I am currently on disability due to circumstances beyond my control. I have no support where I reside and have been suffering from a severe anxiety disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, panic attacks, insomnia, depression as well as ADHD. I had a lot of traumatic events occur over the past four years which has led to my conditions escalating to the point that I can't cope with everyday life I isolate myself, I have very little trust in anyone, I have only the support of strangers and my family doctor as well as my psychiatrist. I reached out for help and I have done everything in my power to get better and feel normal again. After reaching the two-year mark for LTD my insurance company has been very difficult, they demand paperwork and phone calls within ridiculous time frames, they pick apart every report and try to find any way to deny ongoing benefits. I am dedicated to my therapy and treatment which was put in place by my psychiatrist and therapist as well as seeing a specialist who all recommend the same course of treatment yet the insurance company is trying to dictate my therapy, they keep stalling and have not been cooperative at all, I have lost so much weight, I have sunken deeper into my illness to the point of having more and more suicidal thoughts. I know I am not mentally strong enough to go back to work or school and believe me I would much rather be doing anything else than dealing with this insurance company who has no regard for my health my family or how their delays are affecting my progress I have taken massive steps backwards because of all of these ridiculous demands. I am now forced to take legal action which is only going to create more stress, anxiety and depression. it is unjust and deeply saddens me that my disabilities are not being taken seriously? How can this be legal? It's a tragedy this is happening to anyone who truly is disabled.

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