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WARNING Manulife patrons

by 416theflu on Sep 20, 2016
1 out of 5 stars

Was an RN working with teens in psych
-after filling out all required paperwork, I submitted before my mandatory disability ran out with the understanding that I would have piece of mind and begin picking up the pieces.
-a letter comes back a week after LTD deposit expected
-meet with your case worker over the phone (lets call her Poozan F.)
-First, the woman is on VACATION for a week
-I get her on the phone, she appears to be doing 5 other things while half listening to me on speaker phone
-I give her the same information my doctor and I had filled out.
-Another week passes, this woman calls me and starts asking me additional questions, to which I answer...no problem.
-this woman sends...get this...medical review to be assessed by a psychiatrist...addresses it to my gp
-I was never emailed these forms, doc had to copy for me
-because I am now weeks without an income, my anxiety increases, I have to borrow from all over, credit ruined, motorcycle on the way out
-I make a plea to Poozan's manager, who is equally useless, says they need my GP to fill out psych-specific paperwork for my claim
- I have a nervous breakdown, vomit, headache, catatonically depressed for 2 days
-my psych doctor doesn't fill the paperwork because it's not adressed to him
-Finally convince my gp to help me fill the paperwork, much to her frustration and we send it ALL
-Ive not had an income for a month and a half at this point, and resorted to pleading with these corporate, soulless, automatons
-"we understand your frustration{because it is our job to}, but we can't do anything about it {because our job is to make money - not concern ourselves with human impact}
-I can no longer pay for my antidepressants
-two weeks go by not hearing a damn thing
-call the manager, who tells me something about rush being put on it {if that is rush in 2016, we are in trouble] and says her underling Poozan will fill me in tomorrow
-CLAIM denied?
-Why? Because we actually sent your psych doc the paperwork, but because we failed to notify you, there was no reason for a doc who sees hundreds of patients a week to fill out forms without context.
-Why? because after sending your entire medical chart to us, there was a mention of past use of marijuana, Poozan kept asking me if it was addiction, and I said no, I am abstinent cause Im BROKE
-that didn't stop addiction being reason number two
-so Poozan gave me her corporate script after I yet again tried to deliver some human context in their system of manufactured delay
-surely I couldn't be the only one?

Apparently Manulife, Sun Life, DesJardin or any insurance company that has a high end solidified deal with a large corporation has no incentive to please it's individual members, and being a business, manufactured delay is more money quarterly, creates more time for more reasons for claims to be denied, and when all of this fails, evidenced instances of folk not getting what they are entitled to by appeal 3.

- my nursing flame has all but been extinguished by first the americanization of our beloved health system, second by an ambitious wolf paid to guard the veteran sheep of the unit, and an insurance company that delays you into ruined credit, loss of possessions, or in my case, having to move to a cheaper unit.

Manulife MANUFACTURES delay, to make YOU do all the paperwork and put together the appointments, because the creatures that work there earn their bonuses of the BACKS of nurses, who had no choice in which coverage their hospital subscribes to.

Manulife employees, you are the scourge of the earth and the opposite of what humanity is as understood in the art of nursing. May you never need to ironically use your own services in a time of need.

-with the last of my nursing flame, my best advice is to keep yourself healthy, and never subject yourself to this system unless absolutely necessary.


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by Denied on Aug 30, 2016
1 out of 5 stars

My daughter started a new job with a company whose benefit plan is provided by Manulife. During her first 3-month probation period she visited her doctor and received a prescription for anxiety. Six months after she started her job she required hospital care for a mental health disorder. Since she visited her doctor and received a prescription drug during her first 3 months of employment, Manulife denied her long-term disability benefits due to her having a "pre-existing condition". She lost 9 months of disability benefits. Manulife self-promotes itself as supporting mental health initiatives at the same time that they deny benefits to mental health patients. Public, corporate image is more important to Manulife than supporting its clients with the benefits that their clients' premiums are paying for. It would likely follow that if a cancer patient started a new job with a company whose benefit plan was provided by Manulife, they would have to stop their cancer treatments for their first 3 months of employment or they too would be deemed to have a "pre-existing condition" that would negate long-term disability benefits if the cancer required extensive hospital care. Manulife focuses on their profits first and caring about their clients last.

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The Worst life Company

by The wiser on Jan 7, 2014
2 out of 5 stars

Stay away from this life insurance company. When you make a claim, they suspect that every one is committing fraud, they take too much time to look at the file, even when you try to purchase life insurance, they are so complicated in the process. My son had a bad car accident, they refused his disability claim after two month of wait. They said that 8 years ago he had a head injury. Unbelievable how they do not care.

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