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Either bad hiring practices or poor training

by Melissa Williams on Dec 21, 2023
1 out of 5 stars

I won't go into it too much. Sufficive to say, Manulife needs to work on their hiring practices, as that three of the four people I had to communicate with were either incompetent or rude. I got poor advice from one employee while filing a claim, asked another employee, via email, if this was the correct information (and was ignored) then while I was recovering from surgery, a third woman told me that wasn't the correct advice. I was noticeably upset, but didn't curse at her or raise my voice (I couldn't, I was in a ward with 3 other people and didn't want to attract attention) and she still hung up on me. I have yet to see if my claim has actually been processed, but if there are any complications, I can't even contact the case manager as she took off for vacation... Why would they set me up with a case worker who will be on vacation while my claim is being processed? This makes no sense; and from what I've experienced, their company needs to get there act together.

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