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Deceitful company

by AD on Apr 4, 2020
1 out of 5 stars

My wife and I took out a policy 2 years ago. She asked some very specific questions and was told that it does cover certain dental work she needed when she got the work done and filed for coverage as we were told to we got denied. Manulife said it's not covered despite the paperwork we signed saying it was. They refused to cover anything, so we cancelled the policy. She called in to find out how to cancel it and went through the process on the phone with them. They kept taking money from our account for 6 months after it was cancelled. Do not go near this company. They are dishonest and don't care about you one bit.

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by Mary on Mar 20, 2020
1 out of 5 stars

My extended medical changed to Manulife this year and it’s been errors, frustration and miscalculations ever since. How does a big company like Manulife not know how to add simple math folks. They even cut us off with no notice! This is serious because we pay out about $600 a month for prescription.... many phone conversations trying to figure out why with a person on the other end of the phone I couldn’t understand because of her accent... Philippine maybe? They do not reimburse us at the percentage we’re supposed to be reimbursed at. We lose money every month. Still emailing and phoning.. they ignoring me. This is unacceptable! I think they think people will just get so frustrated and just give up. Rip off!

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Frustrating to Submit Claims

by Okin on Jan 5, 2018
1 out of 5 stars

I would never recommend Manulife!

1. They throw many obstacles in the way of submitting claims.

Chiropractic and physiotherapy were included in my group benefits. The website said my group claims can be submitted directly once I verify my account. I followed all the steps and it still took more than 15 times and 7 months to be able to process direct claims. I needed to send a screenshot to a Manulife representative to prove I had verified my account and each clinic had to call Manulife multiple times to argue on my behalf.

When I went to the dentist and the front desk verified what was covered by my group benefits before I had dental work done. Manulife rejected the claim from the dentist’s office. I had to suddenly pay over $800 on the spot and then submit online at home and wait a month. The receptionist at the dentist’s office had never seen a claim rejected before, except by Manulife.

I can’t think of any reason why these normal claims have so many barriers! Maybe they’re hoping people won’t jump through all the hoops and it’ll save the company money?

2. When I switched to the individual plan I expected to pay more. That’s normal.

What I did not expect was for common prescription medications not being covered at all. Now I need to pay $300 more every month for meds that would be covered by every other insurance company.

There are many more issues I could talk about, including my Long Term Disability Claim, purposefully confusing and misdirecting letters from the company and more. But, I’ll stop here.

You get the point.

Never pick Manulife for your insurance!

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Terrible experience

by Jen on Apr 3, 2016
1 out of 5 stars

My employer switched from GWL to Manulife a few months ago for benefits coverage. Apparently Manulife was significantly cheaper for the employer and nothing would change in terms of our benefits. This has not been true. From my perspective and based on my terrible experiences thus far, the reason that they are cheaper is because the employees are now paying for the difference. For example, Manulife has disallowed registered massages because the massage therapist obtained their certification in BC instead of in AB where they practise. This was frustrating because Manulife and my employer did not document this absurd requirement anywhere and now. My employer indicated that they were not aware of this policy so they actually refunded me for the massage. They have told me to get all of the details regarding the Reg Massage Therapist before I book a massage which is such a pain and creates extra stress. In addition, Manulife's website is down on weekends. On Sat, you cannot submit claims after 8pm and Sun, after 5pm. As a parent that works fulltime, it is very difficult to make time to process these claims except on weekends after my young kids have gone to bed. For me, I have actually stopped using my benefits because the thought of trying to process the claim and what Manulife will come back with causes me instant anxiety. Ugh

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