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This page will give you a good idea of insurance costs in Alberta and helps to link with insurance broker of your choice in and around Calgary. There are several positive aspects of getting insurance from independent insurance brokers in Calgary, click here to scroll down the page.

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Reasons to use insurance brokers in Calgary

  1. Broker works with multiple insurers as opposed to agents dealing only with one
  2. Insurance broker is certified and is knowledgeable across the products offered
  3. Good insurance broker helps you not only with insurance choice but also with claims

Average insurance costs in Alberta

Your insurance policy costs depends of multiple factors and thus can vary. Nevertheless we show below average numbers for some insurance cases which should give you a feeling of insurance costs in Alberta (across Canada for Life insurance).

Average car insurance costs in Alberta reach $114/month but can vary strongly depending on numerous factors e.g. young drivers in Alberta (25 years old or younger) pay $155/month whereas those aged 56-60 pay on average $102/month in this province.

Homeowners in Alberta pay on average $84/month in home insurance costs. Those who rent a house or an apartment need to plan for $49 monthly in tenants insurance premiums. Here you can find out more about average condo insurance cost.

Life insurance costs depend strongly on type of an insurance policy (e.g. Term vs Whole vs Universal), insurance coverage (e.g. $50,000 vs $2,000,000), health state, existing pre-conditions and a number of other factors. As an example, Canadians pay on average $62/month for term life insurance and $97/month for universal life insurance.

Our partners, insurance brokers in Calgary, can inform you and provide you with an insurance quote tailored to your needs helping you to save on various insurance types.

Additional Advice: How to check if a broker is licensed / legitimate?

An official page of AIC (Alberta Insurance Council) provides access to the database of all Alberta Life and General Insurance brokers. By adding broker’s first and/or last name, city or agency name you can check if any insurance brokers Calgary or across Alberta is officially licensed and has his/her license in a good standing. There are two things to look for:

  1. Make sure that an insurance broker has a license to sell insurance
  2. Make sure that the license is not outdated

Should any Calgary insurance brokers, with whom you are dealing, do not have a valid life or general insurance license but still sell  insurance products, please contact AIC immediately.

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