What is Simplified Issue Life Insurance

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What is Simplified Issue Life Insurance? Simplified issue life insurance is a type of non-medical life insurance. As its name suggests, this policy requires no medical exam but still has a number of health-related questions to fill out in a questionnaire. Typically, the longer is health questionnaire, the lower the premiums. A typical policy limit is $150,000 and if you were denied life insurance in the past two years, this policy may be not available for you.

An experienced life insurance broker (see the quoting button below) can provide more information about Simplified Issue Life Insurance policy and also compare the premiums for this type of a policy across multiple insurance providers. Discussion with broker is entirely free and there is absolutely no obligations to buy. An insurance broker can also suggest other types of insurance such as e.g. Standard Term Life Insurance that typically costs less but might be not available for people with particular health pre-conditions.