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Meloche Monnex (TD Insurance)
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Absolutely horrendous

by FORMER TD USER on Jun 5, 2020
1 out of 5 stars

I tried to rate this zero stars rather than one star. But one star appears to be the lowest possibility. Our car lease expired in July 2018. We called TD Meloche Monnex to cancel our insurance before returning the car. One year later, we received a renewal notice from TD; we called them again and reminded them that this had been cancelled one year before; they said to provide proof that the lease had expired. We provided them with the lease showing the expiry date and even the inspection report when the car was returned; they indicated that they needed some mythical "end of lease" agreement, which is not a thing. Amazingly, we have again (two years later!!) just received another renewal notice - they have now continued to charge us insurance for this car for two years since our lease expired, and they still won't cancel the insurance without the mythical "end of lease" agreement!! Have just spent 2.5 hours on the phone; their agents are very polite and empathetic but their underwriting group appears to have the mandate to squeeze customers for everything they can. We used this company for 15 years. We are now cancelling all of our home and auto policies with them; we will never, ever, ever use them again. On principle, we are taking the matter above to small claims court. I would strongly advise against insurance with this company - just not worth it.

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