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TD First Class Travel VISA Infinite Card
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by jcam on Jun 12, 2019
2 out of 5 stars

I booked my flights to Thailand through TD for Expedia no problem. Received a bunch of bonus points as well which was wonderful. I realized afterwards that I spelled my Partners name incorrectly. I called the airline and they advised since we booked through a travel site, we will have to call Expedia to make the correction. I have called every day this week and every single time the person says "sure we can help but our system is updating right now so please call back in an hour." My partner has since called them back 2 hours later and the following day TWICE and they are STILL saying they can't do it because of system updates. It has been 4 consecutive days now of this. When I asked for an email address they said: "no, sorry, it has to be through the phone." No customer service AT ALL.

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