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TD First Class Travel VISA Infinite Card
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Expedia for TD

by kxzz on Oct 15, 2021
1 out of 5 stars

If you want this credit card thinking the TD points would work great with Expedia for TD, you are wrong! Expedia for TD is the worst travel agent you will ever find on earth if you want to change/cancel anything you've booked even though you paid more to select the "Fully Refundable" Option. Unless you don't mind spending hours on the call with them.
I've had multiple experiences with Expedia for TD that I need to make a change to my flight long before the departure and it will take them forever to handle the request and eventually you would have to give up. Meanwhile, my friends with the exact same tickets booked from the airline or other travel agent would be able to make an instant change after 1 single call.
I will cancel my credit card!

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