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TD First Class Travel VISA Infinite Card
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Bad decision to book trips on the Expedia for TD

by Maki on Jan 18, 2022
1 out of 5 stars

The First Class Travel Credit Card by TD Canada Trust was offering trip benefits if purchased from a dedicated site for TD Costumers call Expedia for TD. I bought a ticket with a 1:15min connection time between flights at the Vienna Airport. Realizing that the connection time was short, I attempted to check-in 24 hours before the flight departure but the website didn't allow me to and instead instructed me to check-in once arriving at the airport in Tirana. When I arrived in Tirana, my cargo was checked and boarded for Toronto, but I only received a boarding pass for Tirana to Belgrade & Belgrade to Vienna, not Vienna to Toronto. I arrived in Vienna at 09:16 AM, and the Air Serbia Flight didn't dismiss passengers for approximately 5 minutes, so I entered the airport at 09:25 AM. Upon arrival, I was instructed to check through customs/passport control and then check in to receive my boarding pass for my Toronto-bound flight. I arrived at Terminal 3 at 09:30 AM but the terminal was closed and the self-check-in kiosk denied my request to access a boarding pass. I then rushed to customer service and was told that Air Canada check-in time was closed despite the plane not departing for another hour. I then went to security and asked for their help to access the transit zone to check-in and board my flight. I was denied, but they instructed me to see a customer service representative grant permission to enter the transit zone, which I then received. I rushed to the gate where passengers were boarding the plane to Toronto, and after 15 minutes of waiting, the boarding staff told me to search for alternative options to return to Toronto, all while I had a valid ticket and a PCR test that would be expiring the following day. I called TD Expedia for assistance and they were unable to find an alternative return flight for that day; the only options they offered were flights that would cost me an additional $3000-5000 and time away from my job/family, with the requirement of another PCR test. The same options were provided by the Vienna airport staff. Another point of frustration was that the plane I was meant to board did not actually take off until 11:15 AM. In order to return in time to Toronto for family/job responsibilities, I was forced to purchase another ticket with Air Canada that cost me $2.382.85. I was extremely disappointed that given the valid and responsible attempts I made as an experienced traveller to book my boarding pass on time, in multiple attempts, with no fault to my own that such attempts were denied, I was not given adequate support or accommodation from the airport, airline, and Expedia for TD, to help me board the original flight I was provided based on the itinerary. The hassle, worry, and financial/time lost to a situation that was out of my control should be compensated. I followed all of the required steps and protocols to ensure that I would make all of my flights.
Don't use TD credit cards for your travel needs. Their website Expedia for TD was the only website that offered that trip combination I purchased and I ended up stuck at the Vienna Airport. The Trip interruption insurance was useless. The Baggage Claim lost/delayed insurance was useless.

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