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TD First Class Travel VISA Infinite Card
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Mistake to buy this card

by David Lubberts on Sep 20, 2021
1 out of 5 stars

I have never spent more times on the phone and inconvenience in person that getting this card from TD.

Every other credit card I have used as been easy to set up online. TD forces you to go in person to a branch to get another "access" card to access the online features of the card and you still have to call someone on the phone separately.

To use the reward features on the Expedia for TD website, usually you have to speak to the agent if you try and book a certain flight or get a feature that would be easy to use normally if you purchased the tickets on your own.

The lack of features such as airport lounge and low rewards/dollar spent does not make up for the $120 per year user fee to buy this card. What a mistake.

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