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RBC VISA Infinite Avion
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Horrific customer service.

by Gary on May 16, 2022
1 out of 5 stars

I switched to the RBC card because it had more flexibility in airlines and "no blackout dates" than my previous one.
However, as others pointed out, the RBC Rewards website is impossible to use to update travel. The chatbots are useless and once you try to do something with them, you get locked out. The "customer service" is non-existent. I never spent less than an hour on the phone with someone trying to make changes or get resolutions. They also seem to outsource a lot of the work offshore. I had agents whom I could not understand and they were basically useless in terms of help.
The final straw to dropping them was when I had a change a flight that had been changed twice before due to COVID. The original ticket cost me points and money, then I had to pay again to switch dates and again one last time. The last time was super weird and the agent had to calculate everything by hand. After everything was done, I had to pay an extra $43. I did, but somehow the charge (on my RBC card!) was denied by the bank. The ticket with Air Canada was in limbo. No one could change or fix it - but I didn't "actually" have a ticket. I easily spent 7 hours on the phone with various people at RBC, RBC Rewards and American Express travel (who seem to be operating the travel component behind the scenes). I even physically went to the airport to try and resolve the issue (which, according to the Air Canada website, I had to do) - but still, nothing worked. I was promised callbacks from RBC Rewards managers - but they literally never called back! It was insane! Worst. Customer. Service. Ever.

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