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RBC VISA Infinite Avion
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Not Worth It. Horrible Travel Insurance Service With Allianz. Be careful

by Nirav on May 13, 2022
1 out of 5 stars

I am using an RBC Avion card and I have bought full airline tickets with that card so my travel insurance is covered by Allianz insurance company. However, my travel was interrupted and cancelled my return tickets by the airline because of that, I suffered a 1-month salary loss and another financial burden on me because the airline gave me another flight after one month. And then I file a claim for my trip interrupted with Allianz company. They reject me on the ground that I knew that my travel can be interrupted before I booked my flight tickets, I was shocked at how come anyone knew that their flight will be cancelled. They are fake and do not buy any insurance with this company they never pass your claim despite you submitting your all documents. I have already re-appeal my claim and it won't be resolved I will also go to general insurance to make a complaint regarding this totally unprofessional rejection claim. The most frustrating situation is They put me on hold for 1 and half hours yet no one gives any response. They are like put you on hold for long hours so you can never call them back again. This practice should ban from Canada. Everyone can complain to the general insurance company so they can improve their customer service.

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