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Please don't get this card if you want to sleep without nightmares.

by javbergen on May 31, 2024
1 out of 5 stars

Card was pushed on me when I entered the store. Received the card and activating it was no problem. But then the problems started:
I could not find a method on-line to institute per-authorized payment, which i have on all my credit cards.
So I received a bill in the mail and I mailed a check (#006) in the pre-addressed envelope for the full amount. Check was not cashed. Next month I received a statement which included the balance for the previous month plus an outrageous interest on that balance. I mailed another check (#007) for the full amount and called them. Could not understand the person I was talking to (probably some off-shore service) and finally gave up.
Received a new statement with threatening letter demanding payment, or else.
Again, tried to talk to them over the phone without result. I was on the phone for more than one and a half hour, being transferred back and forth. They claimed that they had not received either check. I had no choice but to give up.
In order to cut the crap I went to Walmart Customer Service and paid the total balance by debit card. Meanwhile I had already cancelled the Walmart credit card.
Now It seems that suddenly they found one of my checks (#008) because I noticed that it was cashed on my bank statement. So now Walmart owes me $435.12
Still no sign of the previous check but I am sure that they will try to cash that one too if they finally find it.
Please stay away from this corporate credit card scam, and if you already have one, I suggest you cancel it and cut it up.

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Worst credit card service ever

by coffeewithcream on Jan 12, 2021
1 out of 5 stars

No attention to detail. I had a change of name and had to submit it twice because of the errors that they made by not following the request or reading the change of name certificate fully or properly.
This resulted in getting two cards that were useless because they didn't have my real name on them.
The second time I called to get it corrected because they added an extra "h" to my name, they ran another credit check. I saw it on my credit report the next day and it dropped my credit score. There had been no discussion about increasing my credit limit and the limit wasn't increased, nor had a request been entered in their system regarding a credit change. They didn't ask or inform me that a credit check would be run. It wasn't run with the first request for my name change. Why would it be run when they misspelled? I'm very disappointed.

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