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by Upset Customer on Jun 25, 2021
1 out of 5 stars

1. Got this card for my teenage kid, tried 3 times to activate text alert/notification, NEVER works.
2. Only received a paper statement a couple of times, NEVER received any paper/email again since then.
3. Tried 3 nights to check balance/statement online (Jun 21 - 23) in order to pay, NEVER works.
4. Tried to call customer service (Jun 23) after 10 hours of work but customer care closed, hope to talk to someone as payment is due, pressed lost/stolen dept but then card was blocked automatically without even anyone talked to me (I had and have cards of other banks, never had that happened!). The automated message said someone will call within 24 hours but NOTHING happened ..... To Be Cont'd

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