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Horrendous Customer Service

by What customer service???? on Sep 20, 2023
1 out of 5 stars

First off. What company still uses a fax or mail only in 2023???? No email option for supporting documents. I have a disputed charge and this atrocious customer service has now told me they did not get the fax from over a month ago. I am being told it is my responsibility to re-fax the documents. As a customer, I have fulfilled my duty and this company does not support their customers, and just reads from some script. Secondly I really appreciate the 1hr long hold time for a supervisor, only to be disconnected.

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A fax machine in 2021?

by Wallyworld on Mar 12, 2021
1 out of 5 stars

I set up an online account so I could check the balance on my new card like every other card out there. Unlike any other card out there, Walmart then cuts off access to your online account until you FAX (yes, I said fax - if you were born after 1987 you can google what a FAX is) them 2 more pieces of ID - because I REALLY want to FAX copies of my ID to a machine that has been obsolete since 1983 AND makes copies of my ID for anyone passing by to see/take home. Of course, Walmart does not advise you of any of this and when you try to log in the error message on the website states, "we are unable to access your account please try again later" when the reality is you could try a zillion times and it would never work because they want more ID... Anyways - I paid off my balance, cashed in the $50 in incentives I got for signing up and then reported the card stolen and never activated the new one.

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