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by Ana G on Aug 18, 2021
1.5 out of 5 stars

I subscribed to Medical + Dental 6 weeks ago, started being covered 4 weeks as soon as it got approved. Received my SUNLIFE Insurance card last week. However today, I went to the dentist and to my surprise had to pay $600 because I found out SUNLIFE doesn't cover me. I called and asked for some explanations. They replied over the phone they only start covering Dental in 3 months from now (will be active in November 2021). We're in August 2021! I asked "why" since I pay, got approved and know I'm currently covered for medical for 4 weeks. They say that's how they proceed. But when I subscribed, they never clearly stated I'll have to wait 3 additional months, never said Medical and Dental won't start the same date even though I subscribed AT THE SAME TIME, WITH THE SAME FORM. This is NONSENSE and without a doubt a fraud, in order to take advantage of vulnerable clients. Shady practices with a questionable ethic.

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by Average consumer on Oct 27, 2021
1.5 out of 5 stars

Awful customer service. They had a lot of attitudes and provided inconsistent information. Incredibly unprofessional.
I had spoken with a supervisor and they came to the call ill-prepared, without looking into the chat I had with support.
Always call into their support to clarify before using a benefit. They are not clear and some benefits actually require additional reasons other than the ones provided in the insurance booklet.

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