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Excruciatingly slow service

by GRCW on Feb 22, 2021
1 out of 5 stars

I got a retirement plan with these people and initially, it seemed to go well. However, I recently left my employer and am in the process of moving to another investment provider.

Expect to be waiting weeks to move money out of the fund. They typically take days to respond to any enquiry. They will randomly phone up and ask "security questions" - you may want to call them back but good luck with that it is almost impossible to figure out how to contact your advisor. Oh right, you *don't have* an advisor.

My fund went from making a healthy profit to drastically dropping in value and I'm left hanging waiting to get the money transferred out.

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Poor Customer Service

by N/A on May 19, 2020
1 out of 5 stars

I have been paying my children's life insurance since 1993. Now I cannot afford to pay it any further, I've been calling Sun Life for about a month now and no one seems to be able to help me with the cancellation. I've spoken to three different employees at Sun Life and they have repeatedly said they will email me the cancellation form. After a week of waiting, they said my email doesn't work but I've had the same email for several years and had no issue like this before. I even gave them an alternate email and still no help. After receiving the form and emailing it back to Sun Life one of the employees called and said she didn't receive it and there was something wrong with both emails apparently and giving me attitude over the phone as well as hung up on me. I think they don't want me to cancel my insurance so they are making it very complicated for me to cancel it and won't allow me to go further with the cancellation. I do NOT recommend Sun Life to anyone! Please help me and not make things so complicated for me! I have been a Sun Life customer for 27 years!

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Agent not available/ Insurance won't work

by Jeel Patel on Jan 3, 2024
1 out of 5 stars

This is tlotrally the worst company you can go with. Honestly, had to wait on call just to talk to a customer support and still no answer. A normal guy living and working a normal life just can't afford to wait and hold on the line for 1.5 hour.
The insurance wouldn't work and there is no reply on the email.
Just do me a favor, don't go with this company.

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