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Run around on life insurance claim

by Jessy Halleran on Jun 28, 2023
1 out of 5 stars

The people who work here are completely incompetent! I've spent countless times on the phone trying to get my dad's life insurance. They always give me the run-around and then switch me to someone else. In what world would the dental department also look over life insurance claims? They don't! Didn't stop me from being transferred to them multiple times though.

Sun Life didn't send me an email with the required information so I can actually claim my dad's life insurance. Every time I call to try and get them to send the information they give me the run around through different departments and eventually, they settle on a callback, which just starts the whole thing over again. Losing my dad was awful enough, having to go through all these hoops to try and get the money he paid into for over 30 years is pathetic.

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