What is Short-term disability insurance?

Glossary - Letter - SShort-term disability is provided for up to six months (12 weeks as part of WSIB) at which time long-term disability takes over if applicable. Short-term disability insurance is available as an individual or group policy.

Short-term disability insurance has a very short elimination period (unlike long-term disability insurance). If the policyholder cannot return to work when the short-term coverage ends, the case converts to long-term. Not all plans offer short-term disability insurance since EI covers the same time span. Check your policy carefully to see if your plan, or group plan, includes short-term disability. In some cases, since EI is also an option, employers do not feel paying premiums for short-term is necessary.

Short-term WSIB coverage is handled differently. It is offered for 12 weeks and can include the insured’s full earnings.

Again, it is vitally important to read and understand your policy. Confer with your plan administrator or a life insurance broker if you have questions.