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Drug Benefit

by Chris Nickel on Apr 16, 2024
2 out of 5 stars

The Pharmacy I attend raised their dispensing fees back in January by 1 dollar.
My Group Benefits with Sun Life state 100% coverage without any noted limitations like "up to and including".
Sun Life will not recognize the dollar increase and are forcing me to pay. I know, it's only one dollar, but that's not the point to us it? Next year it might be two, etc.
Currently, in short term disability due to surgery. Lost wages claim felt like a lot of delay, with numerous "we need more information from your doctor" and "we need some clarification from your doctor". Not outside the realm of possibility, just having multiple responses of this kind makes me think, either my doctor is a fool or Sun Life dragged its heals.
When I return to work, I am putting serious thought into leaving group benefits and going back to our previous group benefits provider in a private basis. Already acquired quotes and they look favorable.

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Sun Life Insurance long Term

by AngryCustomer on Dec 1, 2017
2.5 out of 5 stars

The person passed away before Sun life Insurance sent the payments to her. So according to the policy, they have to pay 30 times the monthly amount to the surviving spouse or, if there is no live spouse, to their single children under 21. Well, she had a spouse and Sun Life insurance only paid 6 times the monthly amount she was entitled to received. We are still going back and forth with them trying to make them pay

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