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Awful customer service for term life insurance

by Derrek on Mar 31, 2024
1.5 out of 5 stars

SunLife Canada's customer service was painfully slow, made no use of the Internet for communications and was frustratingly bureaucratic and impersonal.

To begin with, when I applied for term life, they started withdrawing a premium before the policy was even approved and before the date I requested to start the coverage. Whenever they notified me about my application, they sent it by Canada Post (regular mail) which always took a week or more to arrive and more than once they gave me incorrect information when I called their customer service line. I couldn't even look up the status of my policy online.

An abysmal experience for me. It just wasted my time and money, so I cancelled the policy. Then, after I cancelled it by registered mail with plenty of advance notice, they still withdrew a premium for the next month and literally took a month to refund it to me -- via a cheque in the mail, of course.

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