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Waiting for Godot?

by Waiting on Mar 28, 2014
2 out of 5 stars

You pay into a policy and then when you decide to take money out, it takes FOREVER. Should anyone have to suffer?

1. Submit the forms
2. Get the tax forms
3. Return the required forms
4. Wait -- several weeks!
5. Call their information number to find out about your check
6. Navigate through innumerable prompts
7. Service person says that there is ONLY one person who handles surrenders that involve the U.S.
8. Leave message for that person. (She is not there.)
9. Get return call from this person almost a day later. I am not in, so she leaves a message and tells me that she is about to leave for the day so will call you tomorrow.
10. Tomorrow NO call. (repeat steps 5 through 8)
11. Finally talk to right person. She has not even looked at the forms that were submitted.
12. Wait 10 days for check to be issued

Well, we hope that step 12 actually happens!

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Sun Life Insurance long Term

by AngryCustomer on Dec 1, 2017
2.5 out of 5 stars

The person passed away before Sun life Insurance sent the payments to her. So according to the policy, they have to pay 30 times the monthly amount to the surviving spouse or, if there is no live spouse, to their single children under 21. Well, she had a spouse and Sun Life insurance only paid 6 times the monthly amount she was entitled to received. We are still going back and forth with them trying to make them pay

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