Life Insurance in Canada - Insurance Companies Landscape

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How well do you know Life Insurance Landscape in Canada? This infographic shows key players in Canadian Life Insurance space. We divided all Life Insurers into several categories:

  • Big Three Life Insurers: Manulife, Great-West Life, and Sun Life
  • Insurers associated with Five Big Banks: RBC Insurance, TD Insurance, CIBC Insurance, ScotiaLife Financial and BMO Insurance. Typically, these companies offer less sophisticated life insurance products than Big Three Insurers
  • Lifecos and Mutuals: Examples of such companies are Equitable Life of Canada, Assumption Life or Primerica
  • Universal Insurers: These companies offer different types of insurance, both Life and Non-Life insurance (also called Property and Casualty). It may include such protection as life insurance, home insurance, auto insurance etc. Examples of such companies are Cooperators, Industrial Alliance, La Capitale, Wawanesa
  • Non-Profits: That’s a special group of Life insurers that includes such companies as e.g. Faith Life Financial or Blue Cross (with regional Blue Cross companies)

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