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2 years with company

by Nicholas Santos on Feb 29, 2020
1 out of 5 stars

I have been covered under insurance for my car for 2 years I received an email in January which I didn't see. Normally papers are sent in the mail for renewal so I was waiting for that. It got closer to the time when my insurance renews and I contacted my broker who then sent the email I failed to see. In the email, it states they will not renew my insurance and the reason being is done to my driving abstract which they went on to explain what is on my abstract. But the funny thing is for the past 2 years the amount of time I have been with this company I have obtained the same driving record that now 2 years later is a problem. But was not an issue when they first took my own as a client. To me, this makes absolutely no sense this is my last year with these infractions on my record and now it's a problem and there not willing to help.

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