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Harassment and abusive

by Bekah on Sep 14, 2020
1 out of 5 stars

After being injured in a car accident a claim was filed for my physiotherapy treatment. I suffered extreme whiplash and a herniated disc which required me to need help with every single aspect of living. I lost 4 months of treatment due to the pandemic closure. Things were going fine with the company until we got close to the end of my benefits. I have not recovered from my injuries due to the pandemic closure and require more time. My adjuster decided to cut me off early. He refused my physios treatment plan. He claimed to have spoken with my provider which my physiotherapist can confirm is a lie. He claimed that my treatment plan would be approved. Another lie. He continued to send harassing and threatening emails stating "let me tell you upfront that this is not the end of the story". This felt like an absolute do what I say threat. He demanded I attend a medical exam with a doctor of his choosing. I was advised by my physiotherapist not to do this as it will not be beneficial to my cause. I am also immune-compromised and have no desire to enter a medical facility during a pandemic. It is not safe for me. I requested that he drop this and leave me alone. I do not need the added stress and anxiety. Today my fiancé received a message from Direct IME, a medical examiner in Markham demanding that I return the call. The adjuster does not have permission whatsoever to give out my fiancé's details to anyone. He was told by multiple individuals to back off and leave me alone but he went ahead with this anyway. This is now just pure harassment on his part. He clearly enjoys making other people stressed and miserable. The audacity of this man is just appalling. Extremely unprofessional and incredibly abusive.

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by DeadDandelion on Aug 21, 2020
1 out of 5 stars

After a car accident, I suffered a herniated disc. I was unable to walk, sit, stand, dress, perform any sort of activity of a normal life. I contacted my physiotherapist as I do not have a doctor who will listen. I was told to ask my pharmacist what to do. In order to get to my physio appointments, I had to lay down in the back of my car as I couldn't sit upright at all. I was not at fault for the car accident. I was granted coverage for physio. Thanks to COVID 19 my clinic ended up closing down for 4 months dramatically hindering my recovery. Any compassionate human would take this into consideration but not Economical! I have been repeatedly harassed by a representative demanding my full medical history for the past FOUR YEARS which is not relevant to this case. He continues to harass me and demand sensitive medical information and accuses a "pre-existing condition" for my need for continued care. I will not hand over those files as they are none of their business. My physiotherapist has all the evidence required and should be enough. I would not need continued treatment if I had not been set back 4 months thanks to COVID. Apparently, that doesn't matter. He's looking for any excuse possible to get rid of my claim. I'm being harassed and treated like a criminal.

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