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Worst insurance ever

by WB on Jul 17, 2020
1 out of 5 stars

A truck hauling gravel and rocks with loose back door debris hit the front of my brand new car causing damage to bumper emblem and windshield. It took three months to get Economical Insurance to fix the car. They denied my claim a few times in the beginning. The bumper had few rock chips due to the incident, Economical's adjuster claimed that a couple of scratches at the bumper were not related to the incident even though the bumper had to be painted. Anyways, they made me pay 10% out of my pocket just because they decided that out of 20 rock chips at the bumper 2 were not related to the accident... Scammers... I got my car fixed and cancelled the insurance! If you visit a HUB insurance broker or Family insurance broker make sure to ask who is the insurer and if it is Economical Insurance make sure do not sign up with them!

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by ZAM on Dec 11, 2019
1 out of 5 stars

I was in a collision which the third party was responsible for the damages, it took 3 months to get an appointment with the garage they suggested, the garage was a disaster in regards to customer services (completely unprofessional when contacted for an ETA), once the vehicle was returned to me it was filthy, dust everywhere in the vehicle from the repairs they had done, they not only returned my vehicle with a missing piece but the windshield was still not fixed (damaged during the side collision which affected the frame of the vehicle and cracked the base of the windshield), when contacted they refused to repair the broken windshield and suggested I open a new claim as if it was from a different collision this was suggested by a manager... The customer service is marked as 1 star due to the lack of professionalism from the handler that was assigned to my file, they refuse to admit that they made a mistake when inspecting my vehicle and are not only refusing to add the windshield to the claim they are "assuming" it was caused by a different collision, logically if there was a different collision the body of the vehicle would be damaged and a different collision would have been reported, which is not the case. The lack of solutions provided, lack of additional research and not following up with the customer has made this review what it is. This company does not have a good reputation and if they continue to provide a poor service with the retention of customers and referrals will diminish greatly.

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