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Policy Cancelled

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by paget Feb 03, 2020
My wife and I switched to Chubb last year after many of our friends recommended them. We were with them for one year with renewal January 31, 2020, but I hadn't heard from J.T. Insurance who handled the policy for Chubb and it was getting near the end of the month. I phoned J.T. Insurance and then I advised that Chubb wasn't going to renew. I was given no reason why they wouldn't renew. There was a claim before Chubb took over coverage of our condominium but no claims during the year. They had no problems with coverage for the first year but they wouldn't renew. I can't get an answer. Chubb is more expensive than other companies and their service isn't very good. This also causes additional problems to us as when you seek out new companies they want to know why Chubb wouldn't renew and when you don't know the reason the flags to up. I would be very concerned for anyone considering switching to Chubb.
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impersonal and abrupt

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by not what they say they are Jul 21, 2016
I have been completely claim free for several years. I have a 25 plus year relationship with my broker. My credit card missed a payment due to a bank error and Chubb cancelled my policy without any warning. I sent them a note from the bank admitting culpability and they advised they would rescind the cancellation through my broker. Damage is done as far as I am concerned. They are inappropriate and if this is how they deal with a missed payment, I can only imagine how they would be if I had a claim. Bunch of jerks - stay away!!
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Great people!

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by J Oct 08, 2013
Great people and great service. They are were very helpful in getting best rates .
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