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Designated benificiary

by Designated benificiary. on Jun 12, 2020
1 out of 5 stars

My wife passed away five years ago. She had purchased a life insurance policy from Standard life (bought out by Manulife) for $25000 and named me as the designated beneficiary. In the legal fun and games, the lawyer for her estate filed a "statement of claim" against her pension from Alberta Health Services. Just to confuse things and create havoc, he sent the document to Manulife, even though Manulife or the life insurance policy is not even mentioned. Apparently, Manulife's lawyers don't know the meaning of "designated". If I designate a beneficiary, then I want that person to receive that benefit. I would strongly caution others against investing in a company (Manulife in this case) that does not honor the wishes of their clients.

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