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Rude bully employee

by JustneedanRRSP on Dec 13, 2022
1 out of 5 stars

I was opening an RRSP account for my work spending account and spoke to the most condescending employee. I emailed a complaint in and this is it: Hi there, I just got off the phone and had a horrible experience. I had called to enroll in my RRSP account as it was the first time I was allocating my spending credits. I was speaking to a man and every time I answered a question he would completely misunderstand what I said and have me repeat it again (No, neither of us had difficult accents). It started to become every single thing I said he would make me repeat myself and he started sounding frustrated with me! I could hear him perfectly fine and there didn’t seem to be a problem with my phone connection because he never said he couldn’t hear me, so I felt like it was very uncalled for. I never have trouble with people understanding me... Then it got to the point where the employee was using the phonetic alphabet and I was trying to do the same to make it clear, but I never really learned the whole phonetic alphabet as I’m pretty young and we didn’t use it as much growing up! I know the basics, but when he is asking me to spell EVERY answer I say, we cover a lot of letters that I don’t know! So he was becoming more and more irritated because I was using other words… At one point I couldn’t think of what “C” was and I said “Carrot” and he said “Excuse me?! You mean CAT?” I was frantically trying to Google the “phonetic alphabet” while on the phone so that I could use the right ones. Both the employee and I became very frustrated and he later said in a really condescending way, “C-A-T that’s how you spell it” or something like that. It was very uncalled for and was a bit embarrassing honestly getting in trouble with some Manulife employee when having to open an RRSP account for my work. I’m not even doing this for my own personal life, it’s for my career and I’m getting talked down to so badly. I then asked the employee what his name was and he said “Greg”. I asked where he worked out (thinking there’d be a specific Manulife branch or something?) and he said “Excuse me? Why do you need to know that information?” I wanted to get his information because I couldn't believe what I was hearing. I became fed up and just went back to the conversation of my demographics because I just wanted to enroll into my RRSP account (imagine that). Overall, he got me multiple times to spell out my first name, last name, address, where I worked, and my SIN multiple times… He asked me to repeat my SIN three times I think and I honestly began to think it was a scam caller taking my information! He would literally repeat the numbers back to me and I'd say "yes" and he'd AGAIN ask me to say it! I then began just to simply answer everything he said with one word so it was perfectly clear and I wouldn’t get in trouble anymore. Everything was fine after that. It’s really funny when the recording prior to the phone call even says the calls are recorded for quality purposes. Who would actually speak to a customer like that knowing they’re being recorded? I don’t write complaints a lot, but this was overall really embarrassing and immature. I felt like I got in a fight with someone who’s supposed to be opening up my RRSP account?! I couldn’t think of anything more unprofessional. After a couple of minutes, I became so shocked at what I was hearing that I video-recorded myself on the call on my work cell phone. You know a phone call would have to be pretty bad to do that… Anyway, I just really felt like this should be brought to someone’s attention because that was one for the books!

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