Infographic Insurance Reviews and Consumer

Reading Insurance Consumer Reviews will help you to make well informed decision regarding Auto, Home or Life Insurance.

Consumers Use Online Reviews for Everything but Insurance

Today’s smart consumers use online reviews for almost everything: travel, books, computers, restaurants, household items, and more. 84% of consumers consult online reviews or ratings before making a purchase. Using consumer experiences helps to avoid potential pitfalls and save on products and services. But there is one product which is very often bought as pig in a poke. Consumers purchase insurance considering only the price aspect, but not the Service Quality or Claim Experience.

Insurance is One of the Largest Cost in a Family Budget

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Interestingly, insurance is one of the largest purchases in the household – Canadians spend on average $3,100 annually on Home, Auto and Life insurance. This equals to the cost of 2 trips to the Caribbean or more than 15 digital cameras…  Checking prices and getting a quote online is just one aspect of buying insurance. The second most important aspect is quality and this can be reflected only in independent consumer reviews. How would you know otherwise if your insurance company would handle your claim case in a quick and reliable way if it should occur?


Independent Consumer Reviews for Insurance

Several useful consumer reviews can save hundreds of dollars on cameras or vacations or to help to find the best restaurant in a new city. Several insightful consumer reviews on insurance can save thousands dollars and avoid a lot of headaches in future (e.g. in case of claims).

Be a smart consumer and inform your insurance decisions through independent consumer reviews. Find out what hundreds of consumers report about their Auto, Home, and Life insurance companies. Share your review with others, if you have had either a positive or negative experience. Note that these independent insurance reviews can inform you also about additional insurance types such as disability insurance, critical illness insurance or funeral insurance in Canada.