Vancity Credit Cards in Credit Card Navigator

Vancity CardsInsurEye increased the number of credit cards included in its on-line free service, Credit Card Navigator and expanded its geography as well. Now you can find in our tool 8 new cards issued by VANCITY (Vancouver City Savings Credit Union). We offer now insights into 6 personal credit cards, 1 credit card for students and 1 small business credit card. You can easily compare these cards with others and understand its advantages together with details about insurance coverage.
InsurEye’s co-founder Dmitry Mityagin says:
Our main target now is to offer information about credit cards across all Canadian provinces and so become a more useful tool for all Canadians. By adding Vancity cards we hope to win a number of users from Vancouver. We’re looking forward to continue expanding our current database and provide our users the most comprehensive educational and informational service around credit cards.

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