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Home Insurance Companies Benchmark CanadaIndependent Canadian company InsurEye conducted a regular consumer satisfaction comparison of home insurance companies based on independent consumer reviews from InsurEye’s Customer Experience tool. Consumer insurance reviews cover most home insurers and their products across the country. This includes reviews of both nationwide insurance providers and regional insurers, such as e.g. BCAA in British Columbia, Canadian Direct Insurance in British Columbia and Alberta.

InsurEye Co-Founder Dmitry Mityagin said: “This study follows our previous research about Canadian Auto insurance providers, released last month. We plan to conduct such studies on a regular basis for Auto, Home, and Life insurers to keep Canadian consumers informed!”

Ranking of each insurer reflects weighted and aggregated customer ratings across three key criteria:
Customer Experience – i.e.  friendliness of personnel/call center, easiness to reach, correct billing, quick response times, experience of personnel
Value for Money – i.e. being cheap/expensive compared to others, fairness of quote, amount of coverage and features for money
Claim Experience – i.e. claims being fully paid-off, processing time, simple and transparent claims process

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About InsurEye

InsurEye Inc. is a Canadian company that provides independent, innovative online services to help consumers better understand and manage their insurance. The Insurance Customer Experience is an innovative tool that equips Canadians with independent insurance consumer reviews for all main insurance types (Home, Auto, and Life) and for all major Canadian insurance providers.