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Poor Customer Service

by Pissed off on Apr 16, 2020
1.5 out of 5 stars

I called today supposed to ask about any payment deferral for my monthly dues as for the pandemic Covid-19 has cost me my job and the agent I talked to was very rude. He just told me right away that they don’t do payment deferral and to call the Canada Balance Protection plan as he said I am eligible for it. I told him I don’t know that there is that kinda thing in Walmart MC. He just said call them, in an irritating voice. Then I told him how would I call I don’t know their number and better give me the number! And then he right away asked me if I am going to pay a $200 balance. I asked him why I should pay it right now and I just paid my minimum already! I just checked my statement of account and there is nothing new for the month yet! What a rude agent. Before he could hang me up, I hanged the phone already. Then came calling the Canada Balance Protection Plan to file my claim. An agent answered my call after a 30mins of waiting. Looks like they would never ever give me or you a claim for any job loss or anything to claim for. They always have these “Limits and Exclusions policy” thing and it is ridiculously impossible to have complied. I wished I just didn’t apply this Walmart MC. They will never ever help you in times of this kind of situation.

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