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Walmart Masterсard favours a false claim by EDreams

by Margaret on Oct 2, 2022
1 out of 5 stars

I spent 5 months, and 6 phone calls to dispute a charge. I had provided evidence that a booking was cancelled within 5 hours of booking, on the webpage and via email. The E dreams website claimed free cancellation within 24 hours.
Often times I had to Re explain the dispute. After finally getting the charge reversed, I asked for another card #. After 2 months, I used my Walmart card again. Within a week of using the Walmart card, they put through the charge of $718.23 from e dreams again.
On speaking to their security team, they claimed e dreams said I didn’t communicate to e dreams. I provided evidence of email confirmation that I had requested the cancellation.
Customer service is very disappointing. Don’t get tempted by their rebates.

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