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Worse insurance I have ever had

by Ana on Jan 23, 2024
1 out of 5 stars

The worse experience ever, I got my car stolen and I was insure with state farm. State far never pay me for the car being stolen. State farm believe the car will come back to me one day and that was enough excuse for them not to pay me. 15 years later I’m still in debt because of making my car payment and my stolen car no where to be found. I thought I could trust state farm, but definitely state farm is not to be trusted. State farm is only good for taking your money but not when is their turn to pay up.

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They are outrageous!

by Awful on Oct 6, 2018
1.5 out of 5 stars

We are 2 disabled seniors who rented a home from their insured. The house had a defective roof, mold & rodents. It is now 4 years since my husband was rushed to the hospital due to mold exposure. We paid out of pocket for temporary housing and mold testing. We cooperated with their adjusters to remediate the problem. We used our retirement account to pay for all this. They used our mold tests, stored the mold & rat infested furnishings that took their pack of attorneys (at least 5 at a time...they run in a posse), their salvage co(9), but no $ for a claim. They give you reckless rhetoric why you should not get paid. They should not be responsible for medications because you are out of the environment. So what you inhaled toxic molds! Clean your rodent stained furniture and retire. We tried. They like you on your knees begging them for a few dollars. How do they sleep at night? We lost everything we owned...not one dime from them. 4 years later...We lost our income from our retirement fund. They wrote us (only because we filed a complaint with the Dept of Ins) that there are significant differences.

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House Fire

by QM on Oct 20, 2017
1 out of 5 stars

Delay upon Delay upon Delay, no speaking, no follow-through, no explanation of the process. Anything verbally said is just that all talk promises, roses & sunshine, on paper if there is a response, the "talk" never existed, or maybe they were talking to someone else. Our House is collapsing, now NOTHING was done, their "preferred" contractors do as State Farm says, so they won't lose their business. HORRENDOUS, been with State Farm for over 30 years, we lost everything... Their compliance officer passes the buck, to someone who sends form letters that state it is their final position if you don't agree to go through the FSCO process... We have not received ANY specific position, only doublespeak. Their staff are people with no real-life experience, they take the same training course on what to say to clients, they have no moral consciousness, How do they sleep at night, we certainly aren't sleeping. House is collapsing as I write this, no mitigation by contractor nor State Farm, not for the lack of pleading to mitigate any more damage, there is a huge hole in roof, house has been flooded, by fire suppression efforts, rain snow, wind, damage, "preferred" engineer previously worked for State Farm, never told us, the engineer couldn't get into basement to report as it was flooded for several months so much flooding the water was gushing up into the first floor, they say that is not a direct result of the fire... WOW it's coming up to a year, and they are still delaying and playing games, out of pocket expenses are behind 4 months, "the cheque is in the mail" yeah right.

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by Used and Abused by State Farm on May 9, 2017
1 out of 5 stars

Thanks State Farm for taking my money my 20 years and turning your back the one time i needed you!
I've been a client of State Farm for all of my insurance needs for 19 years. Life, auto, home insurance, never made a claim until recently. My sump pump stopped working over night and flooded my basement. We called in the morning and they sent someone right away. We signed the paperwork to get the basement dried out and our ruined items sorted and organized to properly file the claim. It was a wonderful experience....EXCEPT 5 days after the flood State Farm called us and said we had no coverage. A sump pump needs a special plan for coverage. Interesting that my insurance agent never asked any questions about us having a sump pump when we got our insurance so I had no coverage. I was also stuck with the bill for thousands of dollars to the emergency clean up company. Only after 4 weeks and many many calls later did I get them to pay the emergency bill for the people they sent to my house. But I am now responsible to replace the thousands of dollars of my personal belongings the were destroyed in the flood. Thanks for nothing criminals!

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Worst Insurance Company!

by Joshua on Jan 27, 2016
1 out of 5 stars

Jan 2015 my home had a water line break in our main floor bathroom toilet which flooded the partial main floor and leaked down the ceiling of the basement and walls and floor etc you can imagine and we had just finished a two year project of updating the main floor and basement. We called our State Farm insurance broker George R. and he called in the claim to State Farm and then the service master people came and removed the water, contents and did a remediation. We had to call State Farm back several times to have them send a adjuster to estimate the damage. We tried to communicate with the adjuster many times by phone and email but had no reply and then we waited approx 2-3 months before we heard from our adjuster and when we heard back she told us to go and find a contractor and submit some quotes to State Farm and they would review them. I must admit I was expecting State Farm to take care of the claim and not put these responsibilities on me since this was out of my ability but State Farm was adiment that they would do nothing to assist with contractors but would only see if the quotes were cheap enough to proceed eventually we found a contractor and this pissed service master off because they were expecting the work to be given to them. The work started in may due to these delays and the amount of work put on us to find a contractor and pick out replacement parts we had to do everything to get things started. The original estimate from State Farm came in around $20,000.00 which I knew was not correct so each time we moved into the project I had to spend several hours going over the quote from State Farm to make sure the amounts covered the cost, this went on until the job was completed, I was responsible for overseeing the entire project from start to finish as well as begging State Farm for money to pay the contractors I even tried to get help from our insurance broker George R. and he was of no help at all. Another problem we had was that the mortgage company held back 10% of every cheque that was sent to me and I had to carry the cost on my own. We submitted a bill to State Farm for my time and my families time for the past year and they did not care that we had done all this work as a general contractor to oversee, scrutinize, source out contractors for various parts of the work to be done, communicate with State Farm which they were very slow to respond, book and arrange the work schedules and to recheck and make sure the work was done with the money allowed. The total cost in the end has come to around 75,000.00 plus other cost for other items and personal effects and now we are being told our time and management was worthless by our claims people Brendon S. and his manager Allison. Please keep in mind with State Farm you must be ready to do all of this work and oversee every detail rite to the end and then wait and hope you did not miss anything because it is all on your shoulders right to the end. Reviews of this type do not contain the arrogance and ongoing abuse that was put on me and my family and expressed to me during many calls for help as a consumer and policy holder I hope this will help you be careful when looking towards State Farm for coverage and help. As the cost to you will be in the tens of thousands of dollars out of your pocket for time and money while trying to keep your own job and manage the rest. State Farm is a horrible insurance company to deal with and will not recommend them or work with them in the future.

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Homeless for almost 3 years

by peteganong@outlook.com on Mar 17, 2015
1 out of 5 stars

This is way too involved for 1000 words.
I will try to state facts. Paraphrase.
March 2003 .Had a full, 7 year old , 200 gallon oil barrel rupture outside my stone basement walls and pour into my clay basement.
Called SF and they brought in an environmental engineering company to remediate
Started digging before I left for my federal government job in the arctic.
When I returned home after my 4 month tour I was devastated to find that the house still smelled and that they had free poured cement into the basement to cover over the oil to "lessen the likelihood to human exposure".
This cement was poured with an 8 inch difference in grade from one corner to the opposite far corner of the basement. With thicknesses between .02m to .3m and hollow spots. The water heater was cemented around!!! With no drain tiles, drainage or headroom .
Got a lawyer, got a settlement for damages devaluing my house with a a clause that if the sight, smell etc of oil reappeared within 6 years,they would be responsible to address it.
2006, 3 years later while I was out west working the smell got so bad the wife had to go to her mothers. Had a young friend , who needed a place to stay, there to protect belongings and keep an eye on the dog tethered outside. He had to spray the basement daily with a hose to send the oil to the pump so that it seemed bearable..
called SF and they sent the very same people that covered over the "1st" 200 gallon spill to investigate. They say they cleaned everything up the 1st time.
There was black weathered oil in the basement and sump but that was ignored. It was said To be a completely new spill that may or may not have happened when a frozen pipe burst, or a release from my mismanagement ,or something released an unknown amount of oil. A new spill, a new claim.
I new better. I argued that they were responsible by agreement to clean up the oil that had resurfaced during the spring rainy season from under the free poured cement basement.
They would not consider it and I had to move to our family hunting cabin in the woods with no running water or electricity.
Even after I relented and opened a new claim they provided no support.
I tell the bank I would not pay for a house I could not live in. (they never foreclosed even after 888 days of non payment, why would they, the house was useless to them too).
They, SF, hire a different environmental engineering company to remediate the "2nd" spill . I would not allow the 1st crew on my property.
Long story short. They had to tare down my house and garage to get at the "weathered oil" left behind from the 1st 200 gallon spill that was covered over with cement in my absence back in 2003.
This is 2009 and they dig down something like 6m all over the double lot property to get at the old oil.
meanwhile I am in the woods in a 24x24 shell of a cabin with no support.
I finally get paid for the house and some additional living expenses.
It has been proven the house was uninhabitable back in 2006.
They should not have done that to my wife and I so I personally start legal action on them. On going to this day March 17th 2015.
I have caught there representatives lying under oath at discovery, have there log notes proving they new of the cover up, etc etc.

All of the costs for the house, garage, mortgage, additional expenses etc was covered from the 1st claim. They said they reopened the first claim to ensure I had enough coverage, kindness of there heart sort of thing.
So the "1st" spill of 200 gallons cost $38,000 and as far as the "2nd" a drip in the line, it was over $300,000 as far as I can tell because they will not release the actual numbers to me although they say I hired these people.
The suit goes on. It could happen to you.
The agent that sold me the policy did not even know what the $10000 land allowance was for or represented on that same policy he sold me. He denied knowing I was homeless yet I have many emails directly to him stating so.
The adjuster that over saw the 2003 remediation stated at discovery that he thought the house should still have been liveable even with 200 gallons of fuel in the basement. He could not read charts well enough to say what way was north even with a picture of an arrow with a capital N in the middle of it.
He didn't even know what weathered oil means although it is written in many reports supplied to him. Lied about not knowing an engineer when there are many emails between himself and that engineer.
The adjuster assigned to the "2nd" spill new even less. How to read charts, what weathered oil is (actually after hours of cross examination I got him to say he understood what it was), absolutely devious.

I truly could go on and on and I have the proof and will write a book when this court nightmare is over in lord knows how many years.
I have lost everything. My land in town is not fit to rebuild on and I now have made a home in the old camp, have electricity and will carry on.
Beware of your good neighbour, they are truly a wolf in sheeps' clothing.
There contracts are not worth the paper they are written on, Shame shame shame.

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Horrible customer service.

by Michelle on Feb 27, 2015
1 out of 5 stars

I will start with the facts. They are, about a year ago I had some missed payments. I had had my identity stolen and was having some issues with payments. I sorted it out, and did not have another missed payment until January. There were some extenuating circumstances to that one. I received a replacement credit card in December, days before Christmas. Same card number, different expiry date. With the craziness of Christmas, it simply did not occur to me that I needed to call to update the info. By Boxing day, I was deathly ill with the flu. I am asthmatic, so when I say deathly ill, I mean deathly ill. I did not get out of bed for nearly a month. All of my mail went unopened until the end of the month. Which is when I realized that my January payment had bounced because of not updating the info, I immediately called and made the payment. I also asked the girl I was talking to, to prepay February, right then. She stated that she had and that it went through. I then called the credit card company, I specifically asked if both payments from State Farm were showing as gone through. I received an unequivocal yes, both payments had gone through. We now get to near the end of February. I get a call from State Farm saying that I need to sign a form for the "new" credit card. I sent my son (I am disabled and have mobility issues) with a signed note that authorized the use of the card in the hopes it would be sufficient. State Farm sent back a form, saying that the note was not. I got another call, one that was just to confirm that I had received the form and to inform me that it needed to be returned immediately. I was discussing this with the person on the phone when suddenly I was passed to someone else and told that my insurance was cancelled. This was the first indication to me that anything might be wrong. I did not, in February, receive a phone call or letter, as, apparently, the office did not put through the prepayment for February. (The fact that that the credit card company confirmed that it had is a whole other issue I am taking up with them). Because I have had my identity stolen, the credit card company has instructions to not let any payments go through with out my prior consent, and as they had confirmed that 2 payments had gone through, they did not have the needed consent for a February payment.) The agent, Louise D. was not willing to even listen to the sequence of events as I understood them. At no time was I asked for a payment, which I could have authorized immediately. After 20 years of being a loyal customer, with not a single claim ever made, I was very rudely shut down and told I wouldn't be dealt with anymore. Also, as I understand it, by law I am supposed to receive written notice that my insurance is being cancelled. Although I did receive a letter in January, I made the payment and was told everything was fine, so I have not received anything from February, which is against the law. The insurance office is claiming that the January letter is sufficient, in which case they should not have taken my January payment or that they need to send me something for February. (As advised to me by a lawyer.). My advise is to stay far, far away from State Farm. They are not the good neighbour that is there, they are that bad neighbour who makes your life a nightmare.

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