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State Farm
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Don't trust StateFarm

by AngryCustomer on Sep 23, 2017
1 out of 5 stars

Terrible customer service! They tried to raise our premium saying that we called in to make a claim when we never filed one (only called to enquire about claim process), on top of that we were never reimbursed for any claim whatsoever, so no idea how they could even come up with that statement! Disgusting company, deceiving policies, and awful customer service. Please don't give these scammers your business.

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by Vilma on Aug 2, 2017
1 out of 5 stars

I'd give no star if there's an option for that. They don't care about their customers. They're only good at taking money from your pocket, if there's a problem, they don't deal with it right away. It's been 2 months now, & they aren't making any moves yet... we kept calling them but they kept passing us into another agent. & some agents are rude & don't have any patience, slow & worst service ever! & they actually don't know what they're doing... our neighbours' gazebo lifted off & then it hit our window... they're supposed to speak for us 'cause we are paying them... all they said was "neighbours don't want to pay"... It's their responsibility to speak for us 'cause we are their clients.

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Worst Insurance Company!

by Joshua on Jan 27, 2016
1 out of 5 stars

Jan 2015 my home had a water line break in our main floor bathroom toilet which flooded the partial main floor and leaked down the ceiling of the basement and walls and floor etc you can imagine and we had just finished a two year project of updating the main floor and basement. We called our State Farm insurance broker George R. and he called in the claim to State Farm and then the service master people came and removed the water, contents and did a remediation. We had to call State Farm back several times to have them send a adjuster to estimate the damage. We tried to communicate with the adjuster many times by phone and email but had no reply and then we waited approx 2-3 months before we heard from our adjuster and when we heard back she told us to go and find a contractor and submit some quotes to State Farm and they would review them. I must admit I was expecting State Farm to take care of the claim and not put these responsibilities on me since this was out of my ability but State Farm was adiment that they would do nothing to assist with contractors but would only see if the quotes were cheap enough to proceed eventually we found a contractor and this pissed service master off because they were expecting the work to be given to them. The work started in may due to these delays and the amount of work put on us to find a contractor and pick out replacement parts we had to do everything to get things started. The original estimate from State Farm came in around $20,000.00 which I knew was not correct so each time we moved into the project I had to spend several hours going over the quote from State Farm to make sure the amounts covered the cost, this went on until the job was completed, I was responsible for overseeing the entire project from start to finish as well as begging State Farm for money to pay the contractors I even tried to get help from our insurance broker George R. and he was of no help at all. Another problem we had was that the mortgage company held back 10% of every cheque that was sent to me and I had to carry the cost on my own. We submitted a bill to State Farm for my time and my families time for the past year and they did not care that we had done all this work as a general contractor to oversee, scrutinize, source out contractors for various parts of the work to be done, communicate with State Farm which they were very slow to respond, book and arrange the work schedules and to recheck and make sure the work was done with the money allowed. The total cost in the end has come to around 75,000.00 plus other cost for other items and personal effects and now we are being told our time and management was worthless by our claims people Brendon S. and his manager Allison. Please keep in mind with State Farm you must be ready to do all of this work and oversee every detail rite to the end and then wait and hope you did not miss anything because it is all on your shoulders right to the end. Reviews of this type do not contain the arrogance and ongoing abuse that was put on me and my family and expressed to me during many calls for help as a consumer and policy holder I hope this will help you be careful when looking towards State Farm for coverage and help. As the cost to you will be in the tens of thousands of dollars out of your pocket for time and money while trying to keep your own job and manage the rest. State Farm is a horrible insurance company to deal with and will not recommend them or work with them in the future.

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