Overland Flooding

Glossary - Letter - O

Overland flooding is a very important topic in Canada. This is a type of flood that results from the level of water outside of your dwelling rising, allowing water to enter your home. That can be a result of water levels rising in the rivers due to rain or extensive volumes of melted snow, or overflow of dams and channels. This type of flooding is in general not covered in Canada and insurance companies will most likely decline your claims. Some government programs are in place to help homeowners deal with this kind of damage, but from the insurance perspective policy holders are quite unprotected.

Thus it is important to carefully consider the location for your home when buying or building it to avoid areas with a history of overland flooding. Large areas of Alberta (e.g. Calgary) and Ontario (e.g. Toronto) were hit in 2013 by strong overland flooding, resulting in enormous damages.

Overland flooding should not be mixed with other types of flooding at home, such as sewer backup or flooding via neighbours. These types of flooding are typically covered, either through a home insurance policy or additional riders that can be purchased for an extra premium.

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