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Meloche Monnex (TD Insurance)
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Worst customer service ever

by Craig on Dec 4, 2019
1 out of 5 stars

I waited two and a half hours to speak to an agent upon purchasing a new vehicle. I tried again the next day, this time waiting over three hours before finally giving up. It was such a bad experience that I simply switched insurers. I then wrote a complaint letter to the company and received no response. They simply don't care about their customers.

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Absolute garbage

by Appalled and disgusted on Oct 28, 2019
1 out of 5 stars

I really wish I would have read the reviews before I purchased insurance from this company. I had an accident with a car that I owned for 6 months. First accident first time dealing with an insurance adjuster, what a horrible experience. Wait times to talk to someone are ridiculous 1-2 hours even more. I left for two weeks every single day telling my adjuster how important it was that she call me back. I didn't get a call back until I filed a complaint with the manager. My brand new car that was in the accident they fixed it with used parts from a scrapped vehicle 2 years older than my own. The car does not feel the same as before the accident. Customer service skills are disgusting! The absolute worst insurance company I have ever dealt with! Needless to say, I cancelled my policy.

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Impossible to reach

by UnhappyCustomer on Jun 8, 2019
1 out of 5 stars

It used to be fine, but now I'm stuck not being able to make changes to my existing auto and home policies. I keep dialling and waiting for 30-90 min, but no one picks up the phone. I went online and filled a request, and it was promised to be processed within 2 business days, but it has been a week, and still, nothing happened. My next step will be to file a complaint and reach out to the ombudsman. If that doesn't help, I will attempt to sue in small claims. Obviously, I am going to cancel my policies with TD Meloche Monnex at this point.

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An experience from hell

by Bkhidhir on Mar 29, 2019
1 out of 5 stars

Nothing was harder in life than getting a hold of my adjuster. Resolving my fairly simple claim took 3 months. Not only did she never pick up, reply to her voicemails and read her emails, but she would also take weeks at a time to follow up. And, when she would be completely oblivious to how much I've been struggling to try to get her attention and taking Ubers every day from work. When she went on vacation and there was no replacement for her to take care of my claim. Her manager never ever picks up or replies to his voicemails either. Before she left for vacation she didn't tell me that I had the option of not writing off my car which is not fair and pressured me to sign a write off form in 3 hours as she's on vacation the next day for a month. I could have lost a brand new car because of an unfair estimate and she acted completely non-challenge about that. Whenever I'd call other adjusters, while she's away, they give me completely different answers to the same questions. When I called Service they forgot to tell me I'd lose collision coverage even though I asked and asked. This resulted in my having to pay off my loan after I've also had to pay out of pocket to fix the car as a result of them not explaining to me that I wouldn't be getting the cheque and instead the cheque goes directly to my lienholder. Took me maybe 5 phone calls to change my address on file. After, they finally started giving me answers they had the audacity to ask for a letter from my bank, that the bank said was highly unusual. This is also after they already confirmed, they were mailing out the cheque ... This experience was so horribly inexplicably bad that it could drive someone to insanity and alcoholism. Stay away from these people.

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Avoids paying claims

by Alisha on Feb 27, 2019
1 out of 5 stars

First of all...stay far away from this company! We had a small accident a few weeks ago that caused minor surface damage to the rear of our vehicle. We got our own repair estimate for $2500. We took it to their guys so that we could file our claim. We waited over THREE WEEKS for them to get back to us after numerous follow-ups, only to find out work hadn't even started on our vehicle. The repair shop blamed the insurance company for not sending paperwork, and TD Meloche blamed the repair shop for being backed-up with work. We, finally, escalated it to a manager. Got a call back the next day to tell us that the vehicle was considered a write-off. We're still waiting to find out our settlement offer, apparently, there is no one we can speak to on it, and we just have to keep waiting for some indefinite time. We bought our vehicle just three years ago for $11K. And they're writing it off for approx. $3k of damage? Why even have insurance if they can just choose to write it off for whatever they want and not repair it when you file a claim. This has been a complete nightmare I wouldn't wish to anyone. Oh...and we had no rental vehicle coverage on our policy, so all this time have been down a vehicle which I understand was our choice not to take it. But you also don't expect an insurance company to take three weeks just to START processing your claim. I tried to ask for a rental vehicle at this point but of course, the answer was no.

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TD-The biggest liar in Toronto

by sara210 on Nov 9, 2018
1 out of 5 stars

TD insurance is the biggest liar in Toronto. Stay away from them if possible. They can constantly increase your quote and charge extra when activating/setting up your account. I have to stuck with them for a year, and won't stay with them afterward. PLEASE PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR BILL , ESPECIALLY FOR NEW CUSTOMERS USING TD ADVANTAGE APP. THEY WILL CHARGE EXTRA AND STEAL YOUR MONEY. We just relocated to Toronto a month ago, and shopped around for auto insurance. It seemed that TD insurance can provide us the reasonable rate so far since we had been staying with TD insurance for a few years outside Ontario and have a clean driving record. So we asked them to send a hard copy of the quote. When the mail arrived, the quote was around $150 higher than the one we quoted on the phone. So I called back, one of the agents told me that her co-worker made a mistake on our previous quote (lower rate). Excuse me! I said I thought your guys are professionals and asked to talk with her supervisor. The agent asked me to hold on, it turned out that she hanged out my phone. She was so rude that I tried to complain about what happened to me with their supervisor's phone line on their website. Nobody answered my phone and asked to leave a voice message. I did, there was no response from them since it has been almost a month. I kept shopping around because of TD insurance unreliability, their quote (the higher one) was still the reasonable one we can get, because we can get some group discount. For the sake of money, I went back and called them to activate our account early in the morning. Since unpleasant experience on quote, I double checked our premium, coverage (including download TD advantage App for 5% discount) before activating. So I preferred the payment by credit card, which is the only option for full payment. And I asked the agent repeated how much he will charge on credit card. The amount of payment was the exact number as the higher rate. So I gave him my husband's credit card information. It's done. And I asked him to send a temporary insurance file to us. Due to the post office being on strike, we need to get our car registration and switch licence plate in a week. I still didn't trust them, when my husband got off from work and called them in the evening to check how much they charge from credit card. Okay, it's the same amount as the quote. To our surprise, I got the official document of Auto insurance this afternoon, they charged us more than $100. So I was so confused that I called them to ask what is going on. It took a while for an agent to figure out the problem. They didn't give us a 5% discount when we downloaded TD advantage App. Jesus Christ! We agreed with using this App. They even sent us an email and asked us to download App with PIN. What's wrong with these people? If you don't provide us the discount, why did you ask us to download the App? They thought we didn't know the amount they charged extra. Unfortunately, I kept every record from them, it can be traceable. I read so many bad reviews about this App, I gave up on this App. I don't want to install it or have any issue with them. So be it.

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Just terrible - AVOID!

by baffledinlondon on Feb 8, 2018
1 out of 5 stars

I am baffled as to how this company stays in business. They are very antiquated with few online services, seeming to rely mainly on letters for communication. They claimed to have called as well, but either a representative put in the wrong number or that's false. Anyway, we were notified via letter that we didn't have all of the proper documentation for our insurance (this is 6 months into our policy) to satisfy regulations. Baffled, we contacted the customer service e-mail to fix the error. The insurance was canceled anyway, the company saying we had until the 2nd to fix the issue and time had passed. I have the physical letter that clearly said until the 12th. Canceled anyway, and I was berated on the phone by a representative that said they had tried to contact me several times and it was therefore our fault. We paid in full, have no accidents, no claims, a clean driving record, and Ontario driver's licenses. Yet they still canceled out of the blue and refused to salvage our account. They also made no attempt to refund until I complained. I don't know how they manage to stay in business when they treat customers like that, and miss out on $800 they have to refund (hopefully - I am still waiting). Avoid this company like the plague. While they offer discounts, their services are terrible, and now we're stuck with this record saying we were non-compliant as we shop for other insurance, even though we had perfect insurance records before. It's ridiculous and the strangest, most awful experience I've had with an insurance company. It's like they outright didn't want our business.

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Cancelling insurance

by Kelsea B. on Jul 18, 2017
1.5 out of 5 stars

We had insurance with this company for 2 years. We had no issues in our 2 years with them, they were awesome when we moved to BC....until we cancelled our policy to obtain insurance in BC.

We called to cancel. They never told us of any additional costs or final balances, I actually have a letter from them stating that there were no additional amounts owing. We left it and went on our way.

3 months down the road we get a letter from a collection agency saying our account has been assigned to them for an owing of $274.
They never once tried to get a hold of us by phone, by letter, by email.... anything to inform is of this money owing. To say we were blindsided is an understatement. We called numerous times and was refused answers on WHY we owe this amount. Asked the manager for a copy of a statement of what the owing was for. No one would do anything and told us to deal with the collection agency.

I would never use them again and I sure as heck wouldn't suggest them to anyone I know.

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(lackof) TD Problem Resolution

by DissatisfiedTDClient on Mar 2, 2017
1 out of 5 stars

My accident occurred on December 2nd, 2016. There were issues with my vehicle once repairs were complete at the beginning of January. I have made several attempts to contact my claims adjuster, along with his colleague since January 5th, 2017. I have not received any responses from either individual.

Then, I receive a generic 'Closing Notice' in the mail dated January 30, 2017.

I attempted to present my problem to a manager on two separate occasions (February 24th and February 28th). In both instances, Claims Advisors assured me that a supervisor/manager will be in contact with me within 48 hours. No one has contacted me in either instance following the 48 hours.

I contacted the automobile claims department once again and spoke with a Senior Claims Advisor. She looked into my file and advised that the manager assigned to my claim, could no longer be reached.

My problem remains unresolved.

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Same repair 3 times badly.

by Blubaru on Dec 5, 2016
1 out of 5 stars

This vehicle is a 2015 Subaru Forester XT pearl blue colour with only 9,300KM (approx. 5,600 miles) on it and it is in excellent condition other than the improperly done repair work.

The damage to the rear bumper cover caused by a hit and run, while the car was parked, was very minor but it required a replacement bumper cover due to the black textured portion being scuffed which, if that hadn't occurred, would not have needed a new bumper cover.

Took it to the "preferred shop" which painted the bumper cover the wrong shade of colour, it was too dark which was very noticeable and devalued the vehicle further and much greater than the accident damage cause. The vehicle was sent back to fix the problem but came back with the problem extended to both side's rear quarter panels by spraying them the colour of the improperly coloured rear bumper cover and there was overspray on the driver's side front and rear doors and the paint had orange peel. The vehicle was sent back to a different location of the "preferred" body shop which did a better paint job, no orange peel and the overspray problem was almost completely eliminated (there's still a little left) but the improper colour was extended even further along the sides of the rear of the car and, because of improper masking there's a line of paint forming a continuous line along the black portion of the bumper cover. Also, there's a stainless steel protection plate along the top of the rear bumper cover that was improperly installed, it has 3 places along the edge where it is puckered and not stuck to the bumper cover. As well, the rear mud flap on the passenger side is not tight against the rear side of the car at the wheel well. The bumper cover is not quite plumb with the tail lights, it is protruding a bit out on the passenger side under the tail light trim whereas on the other side it is slightly in under the tail light trim. That was the 3rd attempt to remediate the problem caused by the first repair attempt now they want to try a 4th time at a totally different body shop. We met the insurance company rep and the body shop owner and had a discussion but my wife and I have no confidence that the improperly painted repair will be remedied back to the OEM colour it should be. There's no guarantee that the paint colour of the repair will ever be done correctly, and there may be other problems such as described in the 3rd repair attempt or more than that. There's a lot more to this than what I've written but I can't deal with writing more about it. We are now dealing with the insurance company's customer service department but, considering what has occurred, we are not hopeful of a satisfactory resolution.

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