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Meloche Monnex (TD Insurance)
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First class customer service

by Londonderry Blues on Dec 18, 2023
4.7 out of 5 stars

I can't speak to other people's experiences with Meloche Monnex, but I've never had issues with them. I've been in a few fender benders, but each time I phoned in my claim all they asked for was the police report number and what collision shop I wanted to go to, and when I arrived at the garage an hour later, the paperwork had already been completed and a rental car was waiting for me. Several years ago, I had the misfortune of striking a pedestrian. The company hired a first class law firm that managed to get the case dismissed without a trial, without mediation, without even having to give a deposition. And in most cases, including that last one, the deductible was waived. They're not quite the least expensive, but I trust them for both home and auto. I'd recommend them to anyone. I've always received white glove treatment, and I appreciate that.

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by phb on Nov 25, 2023
1 out of 5 stars

I was a client for over 40 years. Not a lot of claims and overall experience was ok.
Reason for cancelling - I left 3 messages and never got a call back. When I cancelled I never got a call as to why I cancelled,
If you think you are getting a competitive rate because you belong to an association... forget it.
They value new customers more than loyal long term customers,
I saved $1500 on car and home when I changed!!!! Don't think they are giving you good rates if you are a long term loyal customer with next to no claims.
my lesson-always shop around!!!!!!

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One of the worst insurance companies in Canada.. Run away as fast as possible

by Angry Widow on Apr 5, 2022
1 out of 5 stars

Rude, unprofessional employees who never return phone calls or emails. An insurance adjuster working in Alberta refers the car to a Collision Autobody all the way out in Oakville. My 90-year-old relative lives in Mississauga... DO NOT RECOMMEND IT. Talk about privacy laws but do not provide any flexibility or any solutions when my 90-year-old relative was involved in a car accident and has not been provided with a car rental. He does not own a computer you silly people and is computer illiterate!! What do you not understand? Giving my 90-year-old relative the run-around and treating him like an OLD SHOE...This insurance company owned by TD Canada Trust should be ashamed of itself for abusing and bullying elderly customers... RUN AWAY as fast as possible. TD Canada Trust is a horrible Bank and the insurance division is WORSE!!

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Bad customer service

by Othman on Sep 27, 2021
1 out of 5 stars

No accident, no claim for over a decade, just a simple call to update address they raised premium by 30%. Multiple calls to talk to a supervisor but no success, false promises of supervisor calling back in 2 days but they won't call you. In the process of moving to another Insurer. I was advised by our lawyer before not to insure with them as their services are not good now I experience it.

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Called 5 times, gave up

by Weiyun Lu on May 5, 2021
1 out of 5 stars

Absolutely atrocious customer service. A simple operation as changing address should be easy.

Unfortunately, I called 5 times, waiting 30+ minutes in queue each time and not getting my problem resolved. The first 2, their computer systems were down and the agent could not help me.

I tried again a week later. I reach an agent. He gets my name and policy numbers, takes my new address, puts me on hold. I get disconnected. I call back (30 min) and I get the SAME GUY. I say "I think we got disconnected" and he says "oh yeah" and then I have IMMEDIATELY disconnected again. I call a third time (30 min), get the SAME GUY A THIRD TIME, and as soon as he hears my voice I'm disconnected. He never calls or emails back.

So I send an online request explaining the situation and asking to cancel. Usually, when you do this, someone calls you to try to keep your business. But no, they don't even care that you want out; at least they cancelled my policy on the first attempt. Stay away.

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Worst insurance experience

by otak2020 on Apr 29, 2021
1 out of 5 stars

Called to change my policy to new vehicle, waited 45 min on hold, talked to the rep for 15 min and got disconnected and he didn't even call me back even though he confirmed my callback number at the beginning of the call. Customer service 0.

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Wait times are ridiculous

by mtarry on Oct 29, 2020
1 out of 5 stars

Requested an amendment to my auto insurance policy via the website 3 weeks ago. They said they would confirm within 2 business days, still haven't heard anything. I've now spent over 10 hours on hold with them this week, still haven't been able to reach anyone. No option for a callback, no indication as to how long the wait might be. I will definitely not be renewing my policies (home and auto) with them again.

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Impossible to reach

by Micha Z on Oct 14, 2020
1 out of 5 stars

I have been on the phone for over 2 hours. This is insane. I tried using the option of them calling me back but they never do. How do you reach them??? Horrible experience! If you get a competitive rate somewhere else, don't use TD insurance...

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Horrific Wait Times

by Peter V on Oct 3, 2020
1.5 out of 5 stars

I started with Primmum (who was excellent), TD Insurance would not renew and forced us over to TD Insurance - and wouldn't provide a loyalty bonus (claiming we were new to TD Insurance - even though TD owns Primmum). Since being with TD Insurance, pricing has substantially increased and wait times have exploded... blaming many of our wait times on Covid-19 is not legitimate...why can't TD figure this out? Even just offering a call back option when calling in would go a long way. I feel bad for the employees left holding the bag, it must be a terrible place to work if staff are jumping off the ship (as a representative I spoke to blamed the wait on staff shortage... doesn't seem like TD is investing enough to make this a real business. Will try out a local broker when my policies are up for renewal... it is worth paying a little more to have better service and support local instead of TD who obviously doesn't care.

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Just No Contact

by Unhappy with TD on Sep 24, 2020
1 out of 5 stars

I too have been on hold for over an hour on numerous occasions, this company should have a callback option that is if the cared, seems they just don't care. I will be moving my auto and home insurance to a broker so I can at least talk to a real person

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