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Meloche Monnex (TD Insurance)
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System down/long wait time

by Yellowdog on Aug 11, 2020
1 out of 5 stars

I have been trying for 2 days to get a car insured after my car was deemed a total write off by TD. Hours wait on the phone to be told that their system is down and they can’t access my files or do anything. My claim was passed around to several adjusters and someone in Toronto finally got in touch with me. The settlement was fair but I really just wanted my car fixed as can’t replace what I lost in the quality of the car. I dread the personal injury aspect now. Likely need to lawyer up. I’ve had insurance with them for houses and cars for 30 years. It’s a different company since TD took over. Need to look at other options as need insurance so I can drive my replacement vehicle. Unacceptable. COVID has zero to do with it!

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TD insurance

by Raheel on Jul 23, 2020
1 out of 5 stars

My car got damaged due to the recent hail storm in Calgary, I was visiting Calgary but due to the amount of delays for damage assessment, I decided to come back to Montreal hoping that someone from TD insurance will assist me. No one did anything, after a month of waiting for a call for an assessment appointment I decided to go to the nearest TD auto damage center and force for a walk-in assessment. After the assessment, I was told my car is a total loss and I got a call from an adjuster saying he will call me within 2 days to close my file and make an offer. Its been 2 weeks I didn't hear anything. I repeatedly contacted their customer service to have someone contact me, NOTHING. They changed 5 different adjusters on me without even notifying that I have a new contact. This is the most stupid insurance company and I am for sure not going back with them ever and I will make sure everyone I know never signs up with them!

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Great experience

by L.Lee on Jun 19, 2020
5 out of 5 stars

I just want to share my experience with TD Meloche Monnex. May 2016 my bumper was damaged by someone trying to back into space beside mine. Luckily it was caught on dashcam and was able to read the licence plate and report to police. File claim online and got an appointment at the TD repair center. As the repair center was not familiar with my car (Tesla), I was sent to a special repair shop. I was offered a loaner vehicle but did not use it as I had another vehicle to use. The repair was done within a week and payment directly with TD. Everything went smoothly and no hassle.

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