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Meloche Monnex (TD Insurance)
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Poor Client Retention

by Spencer S on May 25, 2020
3 out of 5 stars

I am young and work in the insurance industry. I am my 3rd year of being insured with no accidents, yet premiums went up on renewal. The logic behind their pricing methodology makes no sense to retain customers. Most providers would absorb any market increases for no/low-risk clients to show that the value loyalty and as there is no justification, yet the chose to increase rates anyhow. In terms of pricing for COVID, they are providing reduced rates which is great of them, however, the mandate came into effect late May and is only effective after that point in time. Most insurers would backdate this premium rebate to the date where people were no longer commuting, April 1st unless there were claims made within that period of time. While they do offer very competitive rates right off the bat, the company seriously lacks any client retention initiative.... and if you have to pay a little more for another insurer you will probably profit off of it with rate reductions for a good record in the long run.

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