Saskatchewan Car Insurance: Intro

auto-insurance-symbolWelcome to your Car Insurance Guide for Saskatchewan. This page will give you an idea of Car Insurance Premiums in Saskatchewan and shares a few useful information items. Together with Manitoba, British Columbia and Quebec, Saskatchewan has a very specific auto insurance regulation in place impacting car insurance customers.

What Are Typical Car Insurance Premiums In Saskatchewan?

The overview of insurance premiums across provinces shows car insurance rates in several Canadian  provinces.

Basis public auto insurance is offered in Saskatchewan by one government corporation (also called crown corporation) SGI (Saskatchewan Government Insurance). There are four provinces which use the same model of government insurance corporations: Manitoba with MPI, Saskatchewan with SGI (Saskatchewan Government Insurance), British Columbia with ICBC (Insurance Corporation of British Columbia) and Quebec with partly government-based insurance model

More about Car Insurance in Saskatchewan

  • Customer Satisfaction: According to J.D. Power study from 2013 SGI was ranked one the worst insurance company in Canada (read more here)
  • CDI: According to the same J.D. Power study Canadian Direct Insurance had the highest ranking in the West. That is somewhat consistent with higher InsurEye consumer reviews for CDI
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